MAB Holloway

Greetings, lost traveler, and welcome to my domain.

By day, I am an I.T. Hermit (not my actual job title). In the dark hours of the rare stormy night, I am a fantasy fiction writer. This site is dedicated to the latter.

I have been interested in the fantasy genre since first developing a sense of interest. Despite my regrettable years of neglecting the printed format, I have caught up a lot over the last several years; perhaps even enough to float my own contributions.

I am also very interested in the sciences; specifically anthropology and [human] evolution, archaeology, and paleontology (yes, I like digging up the past), which I hope adds a level of authenticity to my world building, characters, monsters, and races. I am also fascinated by cosmology and related areas that remind me just how insignificant I am in this vast universe. It gives an interesting perspective when writing in fantasy worlds to consider how pointless each character’s existence really is. Something for the editor, I guess.

I am hoping to publish my first epic fantasy novel soon, but until then, feel free to get a taste for my writing in my comic fantasy book: The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island, and my epic fantasy short start: Warlords Of The Oaken Chalice

Thanks for your interest in my work!