Thanks And Credits

Thanks And Credits

As the author, I take all the credit!

No, that’s not true. There are many people who deserve a tasty slice of the golden coin.

To begin with, my pre Wattpad team: my loving wife, awesome sister, and exceptional father, for the combination of editing, proofreading, motivation, castigation, and generally making sure that my writing was suitable for feeding to the public. Thank you all so much! Really, I would be nowhere without you! And that goes to the rest of my family and friends too, who have supported me any so many ways during this adventure!

Next, to one of my earliest readers who proved to be incredibly helpful in her comments, and later in motivation, and giving me fantastic advice and support as I fell deeper into the hermit hole of authorship. Thank you to EA Carter for all the help!

A special mention to another two of my readers who joined in the early days, kept up with my chapters as I wrote, and always provided amazing feedback. Thank you to Sarah MacLean and Lily Y Wales! There have been many other really helpful commenters, I cannot name them all, but thank you too!

Right, a book is very little without its cover. (Yes, I know you judge!). I created the cover and the map myself using GIMP (a powerful open source image manipulator), but not without the fantastic tutorials on done by Gidde and Ironmetal250, who more than likely have no idea who I am, or that this book exists, but deserve a slice too!

I also used a lot of photos from from photographers who have generously shared their photos with the Creative Commons license. Thank you to all of them. The links to the original photos are posted at the bottom of this page.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, thank you (all of you) for reading, commenting, voting, and for making writing this worthwhile!

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00. Prologue:

00. Interludes & Epilogue:

01. The Bloodied Sands:

02. The Impossible Job:

03. The Restless Stars:

04. A Little Too Much Salt:

05. The Lost Hermit:

06. The Hook And The Godstone:

07. Third Time’s Revenge:

08. The Call Of The Coins:

09. Never A Simple Job:

10. A Quest Most Noble, Most Honourable:

11. The Might Of The Watch:

12. A Fish Too Big:

13. Everlasting Drought:

14. A Tail Of Revenge:

15. Which Way’s North:

16. Dead Girl’s Crater:

17. A Scribe’s Tale:

18. Fools Escaping Fools:

19. Don’t Mind Me:

20. Seven Sevens:

21. A Flame In Darkness:

22. Promises Made:

23. A Tale Of Two Villains:

24. What Are We Doing Here?:

25. Two Halves Of A Whole:

26. I Think You’ve Had Enough:

27. All Aboard:

28. A Sad And Happy Ending Or Two: