“Hmmm. Now what?”

“Now what, what?”

“What are we going to do now?”

“I dunno. We can wander around.”


“Of course restlessly.”

“I don’t feel particularly restless, actually. I’m quite relaxed, in fact. An eternity in the night sky is nothing to get worked up about, really.”

“Good point. Should we wander around… lethargically?”

“That would indicate that there might be something wrong with us. How about languorously?”

“Dunno. No, I feel more energetic than that. Dreamily?”

“We never dream. We never sleep. Besides, I like wandering. How about: jovially.”

“Jovially? I like it. Let’s wander the skies jovially. ”

“What did you think about the end, by the way?”

“The end of the story?”

“Yes, the end of the story!”

“Ah. I dunno. Bit of let down, really.”

“I thought so. Do you think they will ever find the mainland?”

“Dunno. Guess we’ll have to wait for the second book to find out.”

“I suppose. What do you think they’ll call it?”

“The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island: Two?”

“Bit boring, isn’t it?

The Return Of The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island?”

“Bit long, isn’t it? Imagine someone asks what you’re reading. It’d be quicker to read the entire book to them.”

More Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island? Same length.”

“Doesn’t really have a sequel sound to it, does it?”

“Dunno then. Maybe change the adjective. The Disconnected Tales Of Renryre Island.”

“Seems a bit finite, really. Disconnected suggests they are not connected at all.”

“Hmm. The Inconclusive Tales Of Renryre Island?”

“Who’s going to read a book where the title suggest it doesn’t have an ending? Especially after they just read this one!”

“Right. How about The Interlinking Tales Of Renryre Island?”

“No. That would suggest that the author isn’t making things up as he goes.”

“Fine. How about The Incoherent Tales Of Renryre Island?”

“No. That would suggest the author is making things up as he goes.”

“Alright, alright. How about The Irrational Tales Of Renryre Island?

“Are you just looking words up on an online thesaurus now?”

“Fine. What do you suggest?

“How about, The Scattered Tales Of Renryre Island.”

“Scattered. Hmm. I like it. It has a nice ring to it.”

“It does, doesn’t it?”

“It’s like a salt shaker in an unsteady hand pouring grains of, uh, salt, all over the island.”

“Or like he wrote a bunch of chapters, dropped them on the floor, and couldn’t put them back together in the same order. It’s perfect, isn’t it?”

The two stars nodded together in earnest thought, and then gradually drifted apart, longing for the future as only immortal gods with no concept of time could. In their solitude, they considered the significance of the fateful words.

The Scattered Tales Of Renryre Island.


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