Interlude: Analysis Of The Gods

“Well, what was the point of all that?”


“That whole story there. The drunk, the watchmen, the sailors…”

“I dunno.”

“You don’t know?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean; we just watched Makyron, Pektyne, Tyke and Rendyle walk around in circles, and accomplish nothing in the process. And then they ended up back where they started, in the tavern… drinking ale.”

“Well, Makyron learned his lesson, didn’t he?”

“What lesson?”

“Not to drink so much.”

“I very much doubt he did. He’s back in the tavern right now. Drinking. Besides, he has nothing to do with anything, no coins, no trinkets, no knowledge of the mainland. Nothing.”

“Fine, okay. So we learned that mermaids exist.”

“No, we didn’t!”

“Yes, we did. Makyron saw one. And even Rendyle said they exist. And he is a navigator!”

“He said sailors see them. That’s about as conclusive evidence as you can make up on short notice.”

“Fine. Okay. Well, we learned that the ship might have come from the mainland.”

Might have? We already guessed that it might have come from the mainland.”

“Right, well, okay. We learned that bluntooth dragons are harmless.

“Already knew that too.”

“We found out that the compass, uh, points in different directions.”

“Already knew it was broken.”

“It’s not broken. It’s just, they don’t know what it’s for.”

“What is it for?”

“I dunno. To find the mainland?”

“Is it?”

“I dunno. That innkeeper Deklow, he said Arynlock might find it useful.”

“Yes, but we already knew that, didn’t we? If Deklow had just told Pektyne that last night, then we wouldn’t have had to watch them walk around in circles all day. They could have been halfway back to Helen by now.”

“I guess so. Well, I still like watching it.”


“I dunno. Makyron is nice, I suppose.”

“Is he? He is a drunk, he has shown no intention of changing his ways, and he has done nothing good.”

“Well, no, but… fine, what is your point?”

“That we should be watching something interesting. We are stars, we can watch whatever we want!”

“Like what?”

“Such as Tailfin and The Scribe on their journey to the Godstone. Or, the demon goddess with the god of fools and the merry party of mortals as they travel to Fools’ Escape. There are coins to be found!”

“That does sound more interesting.”

“So, which do you want to watch?”

“I dunno, really.”

“Fine. Okay. I’ll make all the decisions. I say… we return our attention to the desert.”

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