Introduction: Cast And Crew

About Renryre Island

Once, long ago, there was an island named Renryre, which used to lie neatly off the coast of the mainland. No – perhaps that is a little misleading; allow me to clarify. The island is still there; it’s just fine where it is. It’s the mainland that has disappeared. Vanished. Gone. No longer occupying the continental plate. Yes, it literally just up and left one night.

Now, Renryre Island wasn’t your typical small isle with nothing but sandy beaches and taverns charging extortionate prices to the mainlanders. No, it had wild forests, jagged mountains, savage deserts, and, well okay, sandy beaches too. It also had cities and towns all along the coastlines; in fact it had a rather unhealthy population of humans.

Allow me to introduce you to the strange and wonderful residents of Renryre Island.

Cast And Crew

In alphabetical order.

Abbikson: “The Old Man of the Desert.”

Arynlock: A wealthy collector and investor.

Browntail: The one-hundred pound wonder. Nearly.

Cedwyck: An elder druid, dedicated to the gods.

Deklow: Barman, Landlord, Tavern-keep extraordinaire.

Discreet“: Arynlock’s man. Multi-purpose.

Gerylde: “The Hermit of Rordynne Forest.”

The Henchman: Tailfin’s henchman. Big fella.

Him: Often referred to as He.

Irikhart: A determined smitten fool.

Iryssah: Alive in the flesh.

Jollo: An unpaid extra.

Kyrnrie: An acquisitions specialist. The best there is.

The Lackeys: Tailfin’s lackeys. Gotta have lackeys.

Lytette: The beauty of the desert. Beware.

Madrik: An aspiring “businessman.” Ambitious. Relentless.

Makyron: A good friend of the old bottle.

Maz: A disgruntled extra.

Merilyce: A fishergirl. She fishes. For fish.

Nelysse: A bakerwoman. Yes, she bakes.

Pektyne: Constable, Helen’s Bay City Watch.

Ryleine: A trapper in Rordynne Forest, or more glamorously, a huntress.

RendyleAssistant Navigator.

The Scribe: A scribe. Yes.

Tailfin: A very successful “businessman”, named for the aggressive tailshark.

Talyreina: A water desalination labourer. Loves her job.

The Three: There are three of them. They’re watching you.

Tyke: One of Tailfin’s men.

Witsen: An underpaid extra.


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