Short Stories

Warlords Of The Oaken Chalice (2018)


Four warlords battle it out to claim the power of the Oaken Chalice for themselves, the ultimate prize in this wartorn land. Everything to gain, and everything to lose, they will stop at nothing and sacrifice all to be victorious in this epic battle.

“We stand now, unhorsed, but not undone. We stand together, readied, in defence of the Oaken Chalice. And we will show them no mercy!” – Reliasse The Merciless

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Be Home Before Sunset (2018)


Unimaginable monsters lurk in the shadows of the woods surrounding Krissy’s house, but she will be safe within those walls… as long as she is always home before sunset.

Not for the faint-hearted; this creepy short story is full of suspense! It’s a thrilling journey for the senses, perfect for those nights when you’re not going to be able to sleep anyway!

Read it now: Be Home Before Sunset

A Red Planet (2018)


The future is bleak. The future is red.

A fictional story about a harsh reality. One of my two entries in National Geographic’s #PlanetOrPlastic 500 word short story writing contest. I decided to experiment with a first-person narrative in this sci-fi short, I believe with some success.

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The Battle For Bluecap Bay (2018)


The lines have been drawn; the armies prepared. It’s time for the Battle For Bluecap Bay.

One of my two entries in National Geographic’s #PlanetOrPlastic 500 word short story writing contest. I tried to retain my comic fantasy style of writing while conveying the problems afflicting the real world. Admittedly, This is probably my greatest miss to date!

Read it on wattpad: The Battle For Bluecap Bay