Happy New Year Everybody!

I’ve been afk for so long I’m not sure people even say afk any longer! I thought I’d drop you a quick update.  

My current focus is to self-publish The Disjointed Tales Of Renryre Island. I have put a lot of work into it last year and will be sending to my editor this month. Meanwhile, I already have cover artist working on some designs. With any luck, this will be complete and online over the next few months. 

Apart from that, I have three projects on the go, including a second Renryre Island, a standalone comic fantasy, and a dark/epic fantasy series that I’ve been working on some time. Once TDTORI is published, I plan to bring one [or more] of these projects onto Wattpad and will therefore hopefully be more active on the platform again!  

I wish you all a fantastic year of reading and writing (and everything else)!  

Take care 😛 

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